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    NBA Re-Draft Rules Empty NBA Re-Draft Rules

    Post  Matt on Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:20 pm

    The Draft
    The Draft is 12 rounds and anybody who is currently in the NBA now is eligible. This includes rookies such as Blake Griffin and Hasheem Thabeet. Each team will Consist of 12 players.

    Post all trade's in the completed trades subforum. A thread must be made with the two teams names involved in the trade. Both teams must post that they accpet in the thread. You MUST post a reasoning or logic for your trade. Picks can be traded.

    The cap will be set at $76 million. Here is where you can get player salary info: ttp:// if a player is a FA who has yet to sign with anybody, their 08-09 salary is used.

    -No naming undrafted players! If it gets really out of hand by one person, then I will issue salary fines for his or her team.

    -Awards will be given out at the end of the redraft for Best Future, Best GM, etc.

    -Time limit's will be set, if you know you cannot make your pick in the alloted time, leave a wishlist of players with me or a mod.

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